Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Trying to get through this

After some much needed advice. Thank you everyone! I realized I am not alone & I will get through this. Everyone is right Matt would not want me this down. I am going to try to keep busy.
I'm going to do some decorating(i love that) & little stuff to keep me busy. Hopefully it will pass some time. It can't get any slower. At least I hope not! Any little ideas to keep me busy. Throw them my way. I appreciate any advice.
I am doing better though! We all miss our soldiers and we are certainly entitled to cry & complain but it doesn't bring them home any faster. It certainly doesn't help anyone. I have to learn to keep my spirits up. Like I tell him. Keep your spirits up & your head down!
Although he should be telling me the same. You gotta watch yourself here. There is always things tossed & thrown & launched at your head!!! Wars got nothin on the Cleveland kids!


Sandra said...

Courtney, I'm glad to see you in better spirits. Remember though, you're entitled to feel down and sad. I remember allowing myself to cry every night, for at least 10 minutes. I did it after the kids were asleep so they wouldn't get upset. Like I said, keep busy, busy, busy. I threw myself into hobbies/crafts and I don't think my house had ever been that clean or organized as when he was deployed LOL

I wrote to him everyday, I got the kids each one of his t-shirts, put on some of his cologne and let them sleep with it every night. I actually did it myself when I was having a rough day....LOL
I bought the kids an empty book and had them draw a picture everyday of what was going on or just whatever they wanted, when daddy got back they present it to him and he LOVED it.

Anyway, keep up the good spirits and if you ever need to talk or vent just shoot me off an email.
God Bless.

Mystik said...

What I'm going to do when Hubby gets deployed is keep a journal that I would write in everyday and give to him when we returned...and he told me that he would do the same. I would really be nice to read about what all he was doing and feeling during the time that we can't talk to each other. One thing that I've always loved doing is scrapbooking, so when he and I are together I always take tons and tons of pictures and make cute layouts in the scrapbook with the pictures and decorative scraps of paper. I have also started collecting T.V. series on dvd and dvd's in general. When I'm really down, I always pop in a cutesy sappy movie, and curl up on the bed with the navy bear that he gave me (which he sprays with his cologne when we're together), some ice cream, and after a while I feel better. You could also hop on blogger and rant til your heart is less heavy, and I'll always be here to lift your spirits any way that I can. Oh, by the way, I was at the mall the other day and I saw something that I thought would really cheer you up. I bought one for myself and one for you as well. If you email me your addy I'll pop it in the mail for you asap. I know you'll love it!! Cheer up, Buttercup!!!
{Big Bear Hug}

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