Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Better Day's

Ok having better days now. Lets just hope I can keep it up! Which it's possible with the friends I have made through here. Such wonderful people. (cough,cough mystic cough,cough) Ha! Ha!
Well I can officially say today he is coming in next month!!! Hey for me that a big deal. LOL! Went to the tanning bed yesterday. No more burn tanning finally. Oh but while there a lady asked me about my shirt that said "the army's has my soldier but I have his heart"I explained the situation her responce was oh could I call you when my husband goes? I thought well he must be gone alot or in the military also. NO poor guy has to out of town for work one weekend a month. Talk about wanting to slap someone in the face. Ahhhhh! The days of just one weekend a month. (national guard) Anyway yes I could have easily pulled her hair kicked her in the teeth etc..... but I was nice. I gave her a number.
Notice I said a number not my number! He! He! He! He!


Sandra said...

LOL Courtney, you gave her A number LOL

See unfortunately for people who are not in the military or have been around military families, it's hard to comprehend the sacrifices and just how much it hurts to be away from your hubby or wife. You did exactly what I would have LOL

I'm so glad to see that you're feeling better today. :)

Mystik said...

OMG! LMAO! That's great. I see that you mocked :o) I know exactly how you feel. I've run into some people, who are not even in military relationships by the way, and they whine their little heart out that they haven't seen their significant other in a week!!! {Loud Gasp of Shock} Oh, pul-eeeeez, give me a break. They don't have a clue what it's really like. My girlfriends are the same way about their BF. Makes me sick just listening to the complaining!