Sunday, February 26, 2006


Our little "Shanna Ri" is 5 months today!! This may be boring to others but to us it's a big deal. Matt has seen her I think a total of 4 days since she's been born. So I try to post pictures as much as I can for him. She is a wonderful baby. I thank God everyday for my beautiful children. They mean the world to us. She was not expected. We thought we were done with just two but she was certainly not an accident but a surprise. Something we never knew we wanted until she was here & now I can't imagine my life without her. She is so close to sitting up on her own & loves to "talk" to daddy when he calls. She will hear his voice & just light up. She knows her daddy!! I have pictures on the fridge of Matt. When it's bottle time I will ask her Where's daddy? She immediatley turns to those pictures & smiles. I know I am a little prejudice but who isn't with their children. Right! Anyway Matt if you see this I just wanted to let you see your Shana Ri (as we call her) & know that I never go a day when I don't show your pictures to her & tell her that her daddy loves her. Most importantly will be home soon to spoil her to death!


Amanda said...

That's my niece isn't she beautiful!! Aunt Amanda

Betty said...

Ahhhh! Happy 5 month b-day Shannon Riley! We miss you!
Aunt Betty

Larisa said...

Wow she looks just like her daddy! I thought noone could look like Matt as much as Alli but she certainly does. She is adorable!!!