Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Dream

I had the craziest dream last night. Crazy because as everyone knows & probably tired of hearing. I miss Matt & can't wait for his 2 week leave that is coming up. Well my dream was something like this..... I was out shopping alone & get a phone call from my dad telling me I needed to come home. He had the kids & he said they wanted me. I was furious. Which keep in mind this is a dream because #1 I hardly ever go anywhere without my kids & if they wanted me I drop everything to rush to them. Anyway, I went there to get them which wasn't even my parents house but again dream. When I walked in Matt was sitting there. Did I run to him & hug,kiss& cry? No I got mad at him because he interrupted my shopping. LOL!!!! Now this is obviously a crazy dream. I am counting sometimes minutes to when I can see his face again. It won't be long now (about 5 weeks give or take) it also won't be like my dream. It will be a dream come true just not that one!!!!