Friday, February 24, 2006

Busy Day

I had a very busy day yesterday. After dropping kids off at babysitters yesterday. Well two of them Shannon wouldn't stay she screamed! She is already starting the "mommy only" phase. Only 5 months old I am in for it! I think it's because since Matts gone it's me doing it all for her so it's all she knows. Anyway dropped them off went to the bank then went to get some things Matt desperately needed. Which I had to drive 45 minutes away for this. Then mailed that off. Stopped by the store for a couple things & waited in line FOREVER for just 3 little items. Ahhhh! Finally went to get our taxes done. I was there for hours. Thank goodness we got a nice chunck of change back or it wouldn't have been pretty at the H&R Block! Then went back to pick up kids who swore I had forgotten them & was never coming back. Headed home where I wanted to just fall over. Instead it was time to clean up the mess of getting 3 kids ready & fix a late dinner,baths,pajamas & 100 stories. I dare someone to make me leave this house today!!


Mystik said...

You've got me worried about being a mother someday! :oP At least you have them to keep you occupied while Matt's gone, or you'd probably go nuts!

Courtney said...

mystic: Don't worry!! It is crazy at times but I wouldn't change any of it for the world!! You will see one day :o) Your right though if I had time to think about all this stuff I would go NUTS! They keep me sane & insane I guess in the middle! LOL!!!