Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Typical Courtney moment!

Ok anyone who knows me knows I am the typical "blonde". I really just have to laugh at myself or I would live a really embarrassing life. Well yesterday proved this once again. I was in our bedroom cleaning away. Throwing stuff away. Hanging clothes up just really working hard. It always gets hot in our bedroom it's one of the smaller rooms & with the heat on well you know what I mean. So I decided to open the window a little. Anyway here I am cleaning away & decided I was thirsty. I had a glass of iced tea sitting on the dresser & I guess a bit to long because all the ice melted & was watered down. Well I hate that really hate that so knowing I was on a roll & didn't want to wake Shannon napping in the living room or bother the kids watching their movie. (they follow me everywhere) I just went to the window & tossed it out. Suddenly I hear a loud male scream so of course I scream then he screamed again then we both screamed!! It was a man from the electric company checking the meter. I soaked him! Literally soaked him. His jacket,pants & even hair. I thought he was going to jump through the window & kill me. Luckily he laughed & told me he was thirsty anyway. I apologized shut the window & fell to the floor in laughter. I swear the things I get myself into!


Jill said...

Hey court, if you can turn right on red, then why can't you turn left on green? LOL

i finally got a laught today.

Mystik said...

LMAO!!! That's hilarious!! Good thing he didn't get electrocuted or something...that would not be a good thing! :o)