Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tooth Fairy

Well Allison lost a tooth the other day. See the tooth fairy doesn't carry alot of cash much anymore. Just debit cards & checks but by the grace of God tooth fairy just happened to find some dollar bills!! LOL! Matt called yesterday & asked her wjat she was going to buy with her money. Her reply: well daddy I really wanna buy a barbie computer but I think I'm going to save it & take you out to eat to Bob Evans when you come in. I thought he was going to cry. She is such a great little girl. Always puts everyone especially daddy first. She has always been a "daddy's girl". Of course Ty has always been as they call it "daddy's man". So you can just imagine what I go through daily trying to get them to listen to me when every answer from them is I'm going to tell my daddy or daddy doesn't make me do that! Matt is doing good. Working out at the gym everyday. Like he doesn't have enough to do. I told him if he kept getting all pumped up he was going to force me to have to work out. Which means getting my salsa work out video out. It is hillarious to see me do that. I always seem to get hurt every work out. I told the kids yesterday they were going to have to go play a while in their rooms that I was going to work out with my video. They laughed & I asked why. Allison said mommy you know I can't drive you to the hospital!!! Ha! Ha!


Jill said...

Alli congrats on loosing a tooth. Which one was it?