Saturday, February 18, 2006

The things women do to look pretty!

Oh the things us women do to look pretty HURTS! I thought I'll start going back to the tanning bed. I love having a tan & I wanted to look "real good" for Matts leave. I could kick my own butt if it didn't hurt so bad! I got burnt bad. I know I had not been in awhile but didn't think I would burn this badly. I always burn a little at first then tan pretty good. I stayed in 15 minutes which was a huge mistake. I look so silly. Especially my face. I wore those protective eye thingies. So my face is blood red & I have white circles around my eyes. The eye goggles come to a point on the side so there for around my eyes well it's the same shape. I look like a racoon or batman. Not to mention the pain. You know the chills & prickliness. Oh it sucks! I woke up 100 times last night to switch my pillow to the "cold side" and slowly laid my face into it. Ahhh the joys of being a women!

Matt you better appreciate this! :o)


Jill said...

Couryney, i have tried to e-mail you 2 times and it will not let me and I dont know why. Can you send me your e-mail addredd again?

Jill said...

oops i guess i can not spell...sorry about that i need your e-mail ADDRESS again

Courtney said...