Thursday, February 02, 2006


Well just another day I don't have anything exciting to talk about. Sorry! Only 2 months now until Matt home for 2 weeks!! Of course you know army it could change. Matts brother is coming in from Oklahoma he is in the Air Force. He id also picking Matts sister up on his way. She lives in Ohio. So that will be nice we never see them. We should have alot of fun with the kids. I just wish Matt was here to enjoy it with us. He never gets to see them & would love it. I am trying to get our taxes done it is a pain in the BUTT! Military doesn't just get w2s sent like normal people. It sucks. Why does everything in my life have to be complicated? Well everyone have a great day & smile! I may have no idea what is going on but hey I have a smile on my face!!! ~Court~