Monday, July 28, 2008

What To Blog About

Sorry I haven't been around much. Things are starting to slow down now so I'm hoping to blog more. I miss it! All day I'll think of a hundred things to post but when I actually get a minute to sit down at the computer my mind goes blank.
Let's see. What's been going on around here... Matt's doing much better. We were all pretty tired of being in the house so last week we went & did a lil shopping. We also all went out to eat Friday evening. Matt's parents came to visit us on Saturday. The guys chatted inside while Matt's mom & I took the kids out to play & talk about our upcoming beach trip. She's so excited (well, we all are) she hasn't been to the beach in I think 25 years maybe more. Matt's mom,brother & my parents are all going with us. My parents friends are also going. They are staying in the condo next to us. We're leaving in 26 days & you know me & the beach. I have it counted down to the hour! After Matt's parents left Saturday Matt & I were still talking about plans for the trip when he mentioned next year we'd stay 2 weeks for sure. When I was younger my entire family would go for 2 weeks every year. It was always great. We talked about this for awhile when we finally thought why not this year?! Our parents have to get back after a week but we really don't & they are riding together so why not? So I got online to check & see if the condo was booked the next week & of course it was BUT I found one even cheaper just a block away. Directly on the inlet & right across the street from the beach. We still have some planning to do but fingers crossed we'll stay another week there!
Well wish I could stay longer but the kids are now all up & there's breakfast to be made & cheeks to be kissed. Have a nice week!


Michelle said...

Sounds like so much fun. I hope that your plans work out so you can stay longer! Good luck!