Monday, June 30, 2008

Once again there's 5

Matt got home on friday. We had planned to pick him up somewhere around 3 & 5. Of course you know the army changes everything so I try to plan nothing! Matt sent me a text around 11am of where he was & it was alot closer than I expected. Then the rush began! The kids & I had planned a big Father's day dinner since he wasn't here for Father's Day. We hadn't even started on it so yea I was kinda flippin out lol!! I gave 3 kids a bath then myself. Rushed to find the cutest outfits for the kids & of course me because thats just what I do. I know I'm silly=) Matt called around 1:00 saying he was at the unit but couldn't leave just yet but would call soon. Well, by 2:00 we had all had enough of this waiting so we left lol! Long story short the kids & I took a long drive around the town,cleaned out the car & sat in the car through a major storm that included hail,terrible winds & horrible lightening but by 5:00 we had Daddy!! Headed home for some spaghetti & meatballs. The weekend was spent shopping a little but mostly just being all together. Oh, and planning a trip next weekend to Cincinnati. We try to go every summer for a weekend. This weekend Kings Island is having a huge 4th of July celebration so that should be fun. Then Sunday we'll be going to the Cincinnati Zoo. I Love going to the zoo. I'm like a kid again & I can't get to the next exhibit fast enough!
So thats what we have been up to the last few days. Happy wife,happy kids & an extremely happy dog! Just goes to show ya the Army may have our soldier every now & then but we Always have his heart♥


Glo said...

Thought of you today. I put on a pot of butter beans.

Have a great 4th and a safe one.

Love & Hugs

kbug said...

Yay, glad he's home. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend...and have another great one coming up. Enjoy!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I am so glad you are all back together again! Sounds like it was QUITE the day but with such a happy ending. Enjoy your togetherness :) And the Zoo! ( I love going to the Zoo!)


Sandra said...

So glad he's home now :)

BTW, email me your address, you won the Big Five Magnet :)


Michelle said...

I'm glad that Matt made it home to you guys safely. I hope you enjoy your weekend coming up.

Thank you for your prayers. We appreciate them!