Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun Day Ending Not So Good

Yesterday was a fun day. Ending with your typical small kitchen fire! I have said it before & will say it again... These things never happen until Matt leaves!!

My MIL's work was having a family appreciation day. It was really nice & the kids had a blast. There was great food & the weather was just perfect. All was good on our hour drive home. The kids laughed all the way home. Matt called as soon as we walked in the door to make sure we made it home ok & I went on & on about how nice the day was. Should have thought before I spoke because right after that Miss Shan the pancake queen asked for a pancake. She hadn't ate well so I knew she was probably pretty hungry. I put the pancake in the microwave for 50 seconds & went to get her pj's. About then I heard 3 kids screaming. I ran back to see what was going on to find our microwave sparking & smoking! I quickly turn it off & unplugged it then reassured the kids all was ok. Until they screamed even louder & I turn around & saw it up in flames! Not sure if I have ever been so scared in my life. Luckily I got it out quickly but I think this lil 2 wk training the army has my husband do every year just may be the death of this poor wife!

**Just to make you smile after all this madness here's a few pics from yesterday before the flames that is**

Ty's just like daddy=))
So is Shannon=))
Miss Priss herself in a
Ty slidin'
Alli slidin'
Allison in the modeling contest
Shannon in the dance contest


Shanda said...

Hi Courtney, I saw your comment on Country Blossom's blog and noticed your a National Guard wife also. YOur husband must be gone to the yearly two weeks of AT training. Fun for them, miserably for us at home holding the Fort Home down. My husband is a full time officer and he is gone all the time. Some how I just got used to it. We are older and our children are gone from the nest, so that makes it eaiser I know. He has go next month to Carisile Penn for two more weeks of schooling there. Last year everything that could, did go wrong. I learned to shoot at coyotes and put wire tops onto chicken pens, you name it. It was an exciting two weeks. Always is, Huh?

Glo said...

Glad you got the fire out and all are safe.

Michelle said...

Well, at least you know you are strong enough to handle things lol. Eric's leaving for a month in a couple weeks and I'm so dreading it. Hopefully there will be no fires for me to have to handle lol.

Michelle said...

how scary! Glad to hear the fire didn't spread! and it does always seem like things happen after they leave!

Sandra said...

Court, I am glad you got the fire out. Isn't it always like that though? The minute our husbands go away everything goes wrong LOL


Charla said...

WOW, a flooded bathroom and a kitchen fire and just in the 1st else could go wrong Court!! KNOCK ON WOOD!! :) Look at it this way..atleast you're not know, I know that's pathetic, but really without all the chaos you would have absolutely nothing to blog about!! (((hee..hee))) You know I love ya girl!! So glad you got it all under control without major problems!! Sheeewww..if it's not one thing it's something else huh!!! TTYL sweetie!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

So, that whole microwave thing happened to my mom when I was young. She put it out on the front porch and we never had one again. (She nearly burned the house down, though.)

I got so use to never having one growing up, that I never bought one. People think I am weird. Oh well. :)

C'mon Matt!!!