Sunday, May 25, 2008

Family,Fun & A Few Sickies

The last week has been exhausting for me. The kids have passed a virus around to each other since Tuesday. It started with Alli & changed from from vomitting (sorry!) to fever to now just a cold with Shannon. One thing that hasn't changed is the lack of sleep it's causing Mommy. Every morning I feel as if a train has hit me but somehow I'm makin it through.

Yesterday we had plans to visit with Matt's family. Matt's brother & his family are in. They had a cookout at a local park. Luckily I have learned not to always tell the kids plans until the day of. With this hectic house you never know what may happen next & I really hate disappointing my kids. Ty was feeling better but Shan really isn't. Plus, there's no way I'm gonna be the one that causes an entire park to get this illness! I'm a mom of an 8 going on 16 year old...I get blamed for enough these days. Even though the kids had no idea what they were missing I still felt bad for them. So Matt & I decided to grill out here. Not only grill out but have smores!
By last night I was literally draggin' but it was worth it. It was a beautiful day with just us. Eating like pigs & having a blast. Sure brother & sister had a lil fight or 2 and a 2 year old who sneezed more times than she blinked but that's us.
That's just how we roll=)


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful family day! Complete with s'mores, even! It's great that you made the best of the situation you were in. :)

Feel better all of you!


Glo said...

s'mores why didn't we have s'mores when I was there? I love them.;) just kiddin.
Sorry to hear all are under the weather. Hope everyone is better real soon.
Have you got your flowers planted yet. be sure and post pics.

Michelle said...

Sorry your little ones have been sick. I hope that everyone is feeling much better. I hope that you're able to catch up on your sleep. Good luck!

Glo said...

Ok it's your turn to write about my visit if you want to.