Sunday, May 18, 2008

Already This Morning...

I have washed 2 loads of laundry,fixed breakfast for 3 adorable kids,scrubed a bed because of a 2 year olds accident,did a sinkful of dishes,fed the dog and it's only 11am! I wish I could say I did all that & in heels because how cool would that sound but I can say I did it all in these cute new pink flip flops With pink sparkles on the straps. That's pretty cool huh?

Oh & this sweet lil girl of ours is 8 years old today!!!

So I'm off to make the day of this Birthday Princess. Happy Birthday AlliBug♥ Mommy loves you to the moon & back!


Charla said...

Busy, Busy Mommy!!!! :) Sorry I missed your call last night, came home from the festival goin' on here and CRASHED!! LOL

Happy Birthday Sweet Allison!!! My gosh you and Savannah are growing up way too fast!! You're growing into such a beautiful little lady!! Have a GREAT day sweetie!!

Love you guys!!

Glo said...

Happy Birthday Alli,Love you bigger. Miss you very much. Thanks you and your family for a wonderful week.

Love you all,

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

You go girl!! What a busy morning you had! I love how cute your sandals sound like they are! :)

Happy Birthday to Allison! I hope 8 is the BEST year yet!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday Allison. And wow on you mom on gettin busy this morning. I have been to the grocery....and I'm exhausted.

Michelle said...

I hope that Allison had a wonderful birthday. I didn't know her bday was the day before mine :) Mommies sure do have lots of work to do.

Shionge said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sweetie :D