Monday, March 24, 2008

Your at the right blog...I promise

So if you read the title at the top of my blog & are confused...don't be=)
I have been thinking of changing my title for awhile but couldn't think of anything clever until today! I got a phone call this afternoon & as soon as I answered I could have kicked myself. It was someone doing a survey. Ewww right?! I know!! It wasn't too painful actually. I had mentioned my husband & she later said "So it's you & your husband. Plus anymore?" My answer was Yes, him & me plus 3. So there ya have it the new clever blog title I had been looking for=)

*P.S. Easter pictures are soon coming*


Glo said...

I love the new name of your blog...very clever.
Did you get your cards yet????

Shionge said...

Nice! Hello to Him, Hello to You PLUS Hello to No. 3 :D

Michelle said...

I think you did a wonderful job picking out a new name for your blog. Very creative.

Glo said...

I would love to start a blog count down......If I knew HOW......Mama is old.

Monica said...

Cute! Love the new title!

nene said...

"Oh have been quite busy here!!" But, just to let you know, I can recognize your blog anywhere by your lovely Aurthur picture!!

I love the "Spring Look" and changes...great job!!

Miss you,

Katy said...

I like your new name!!! It is really cute! It threw me off a bit..but i love it!!! :)