Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter


I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I have so much to do today. We are going to Matt's parents tomorrow & I have a few things I need to make to take with us. I also need to go shopping today for some last minute Easter basket things. So I need to get busy!
Have a very blessed Easter my friends!!
God Bless,


Katy said...

Happy Happy Easter Courtney!!! I hope it is fantastic for you and your family!!!! xoxo

Glo said...

HAPPY EASTER to all of you.Cards are on there way. I thought I had another day....sometimers strikes again.
Love you guys.

Glo said...

I just left you a phone message...Honest I'm not coping off you...You know I don't know what I'm doing..Hit wrong button playing around. Trying hard to get it back..Sorry.
Remember where big sis is taking me tomorrow?????

Jen said...

I so hope you had a great Easter. I love your new look. Spring is finally coming.

Linda said...

Happy Easter. I hope you have a wonderful time at your in-laws.

nene said...

I hope you all had a lovely Easter!!

Thinking of you!