Thursday, January 03, 2008

7 Random Things About Me

Glo did this & tagged whoever wanted to play along & since I don't have much to talk about I thought I'd play along. So if ya wanna play just consider yourself tagged=)

So here's 7 random things about me that maybe you don't know. Keep in mind it's very cold,snowy& yucky here so my brains a lil the same way LOL! But here ya go....

1. I get bored VERY easily some may even call it ADD lol! I can rarely even sit through a movie. I'm like a kid I get up several times to go to the bathroom etc... I have to be moving all the time!

2. I hate finger nail files LOL! It just kills my teeth to hear that noise. I pretty much run at the sight of one. If you break a nail in this house ya just clip it off because I refuse to even own one.

3. I'm very dramatic. I always wanted to be an actress growing up & probably could have been lol! When I was a kid my entire family called me Betty Davis. Ok, some still do LOL!

4. Although I am very dramatic I am also very funny.(Or so I've been told) I can usually always make people laugh & I have to say I like that about myself. I love to see people happy so that to me is a great quality about myself.

5. I know most people know this but I LOVE the beach! Everything about it. The smell,the sand,the wind,the seafood,the heat & the list goes on & on! I just love it!

6. I'm a thinker. I think ummm probably too much! Matt makes fun of me because we can't go anywhere without me watching other people & figuring out "their story". I have always done that. I also think into things & analyze them way too much.

7. I'm horrible at math. I mean it's pathetic! I'll be the first to tell ya the only reason I passed it in High School was I could suck up=) My teacher kept telling me that it just had to click & soon it would. Well, Mrs. Connelly I'm 26 years old & still no clicking!

So there ya have it. Sorry it wasn't to exciting but I'd love to see yours so if you play along let me know.


Sandra said...

And this is why I love you, the 7 things you just listed are EXACTLY the 7 things I do LOL

I'm actually shocked LOL

Everything you listed, I was nodding my head because it's me LOL

Loved this :)

Tashasc30 said...

omg! this is hard to believe you and sandra and i has alot in common cuz i do the same too omg!!! said...

Well, no wonder why I love ya so much number 3 down is like me too. And still want to move to LA to be an!! You are so much fun to be around and love to make people smile too!!

Wish we could meet we would have so much fun watching people and thinking hard about them and also making them!!

Hope you come by to visit soon! Have a lovely weekend friend!!


Katy said...

Wow! We are similar! Except the math...thankfully...i can definitely hold my own in that category. But i am definitely WAY too dramatic and SUCH A thinker!!! LOL

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Math and I simply don't mix either. HATE it!

I loved reading this! It was so fun, Courtney! You have such a great personality!