Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So I'm pretty bummed tonight. With Matt's new job he's gone all evening & most of the night. On top of that he's had alot of back problems lately. He hurt his back while on AT with the Army. Since then he's had 100's of Dr's appointments & Physical Therapy. So basically every day it's something that keeps him gone all day! I hate it. I'm proud of how hard he's working for us but can't help but be cranky about it. I also feel guilty for feeling this way. I mean I should just be happy he's home & safe. This time last year he wasn't and there are still so many other wives waiting. Guess the old saying is true. Can't have your cake & eat it to huh? LOL! He's off this weekend. I'm looking forward to some family time. Ty's birthday is next week. He'll be 5! The day after (26th) is Shannon's birthday she's going to be 2! We are all looking forward to that. Well, parties not my babies growing up.


Glo said...

Sorry Matt's back is hurting. Working nights & weekends is all Mike has ever done. It does get tiring,but it keeps food on the table. Enjoy the time you do have together and make the best of it.Now we are off to see the grand daughters.
Love and {{HUGS}}

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I hear you- it is so hard when our husbands have to work a ton. Hard on them and us! Daniel has to as well - he leaves before the kids wake up and he's home after they go to bed, most nights. I get cranky also. I wish I could be okay with it, but it just doesn't feel normal, like it's not suppose to be this way.

I hope that Matt's back issues can be resolved some way. It must be painful and tiring for him to deal with that every day.

Happy Birthday to your kids! If I remember right, last year you did a joint party?? How are you doing the parties this year?


Michelle said...

My brother works evening towers 7 days a week on a rig. The only days he gets off are if the rig is down, or if he doubles for someone else so they'll double for him. My future sil has the same problem. I know it's tough, and I'm sorry he's gone all the time now. I hope you are able to enjoy the weekend and savor the time you have with him!