Monday, September 17, 2007

Busy Weekend

It was a pretty busy weekend here. Matt started a new job today & will be working pretty late. It just being the kids & I for dinners now I figured it was a perfect way to start trying some new healthy recipes. So Saturday morning I woke up & made homemade Banana Bread. It was a huge hit. I sent some with Matt's mom & mine. They are already requesting more. I was so proud of myself LOL! That afternoon Matt's mom came to stay with us. She kept the kids while matt & I went to the American Idol concert. Which was great! We had pretty good seats & I have lots of pics but just haven't downloaded them yet. (I have been lazy with that lately) I'll share soon though. It was an awesome show & I think even Matt had fun. LOL!! He won't admit it but I think secretly he's an American Idol lover as well but Shhhh!!!! We didn't get home till late that night & I had to still put on a Roast for my Grandma's Birthday dinner the next day. Woke up early Sunday to start cleaning & cooking. My parents,sister,her boyfriend & my grandma came Sunday afternoon. That to was alot of fun but I'm pooped! Matt ( LOVE HIM!!!!) cleaned the kitchen while I talked with the family. When they left I took the dreaded walk to the kitchen to clean but to my surprise it was done! What a guy! LOL!!! Long story short. I'm doing nothing this weekend!


Michelle said...

Sounds like you were busy this weekend. I don't blame you for taking this coming weekend off. I want to do the same thing!

By the way, your vacation pictures are great!

Monica said...

Love the pics! Banana bread sounds good. I hope you get your non busy weekend!

Glo said...

Send Matt this way PLEASE.....I have dishes. 64 yrs with out a dish washer. How at my age I wish I had one. Also when can I expect the banana bread.(love banana bread)...been checking the mail every day...nothing yet.....hee hee.
Love you guys