Thursday, May 24, 2007

My American Idol

Is Blake Lewis!!! I think he is such an amazing performer & I'm crushed he didn't win. LOL! Yes, I'm additicted to American Idol:) FRom day one my favorite was Phil Stacey & when he got voted off I quickly became a Blake fan. I always thought he was great but had to stick with the Navy guy Phil Stacey. They were all amazing this year. Jordin really truly is an wonderful singer but Blake & especially his dad won my heart! But, guess what??? Sept.15th I'll be seeing them all!!! They are coming here in concert & yes I already have my tickets. I can not wait!!
Anyway, enough about my addiction. I have been so stickin busy lately I do not know what to do next. My head is constantly spinning & my list of things I need to do is just getting longer. I talked awhile back about switching the kids rooms & that's done! I still have the decorating to do but the moving of beds,toys,etc... is complete! I was going to take pics from the redecorating I have done around the house because I was so proud but since then have gotten more things so I will do that once again later. As of right now we have No Water!!! Grrrr!!! You have no idea how much you really use it until it's not there! I was just getting ready to call the Water Co. & ask what the problem & when it would be fixed. I also wanted to make sure it wasn't just us but now I'm hearing them working on something down the hill. Soooo hopefully it will be on soon very soon!! Tonight I have my cousin's High School Graduation & I'd really like to show up clean. Call me crazy but I kinda enjoy being clean. LOL! Anyway, I better get going I have 176 thousand things to do today. (And that number is exact) Before I go I want to say Congrats to my Graduating cousin Kristin!!! I'm so proud of her!
Have a great day


Glo said...

Hey Court,
Please tell Alli that I'm sorry Grandma Glo is slow about B-days...It's my age I guess and we've had a lot going on. Love all of you. and A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALLI.....{{HUGS}} all around. Again I'm sorry.
Love Ya Glo

Michelle said...

I really hope you got your water back on! Congratulations to your cousin!