Friday, April 13, 2007


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In case you didn't know the title is suppose to be a sneeze! I started sneezing last night & my throat felt a little scratchy. Matt said oh no! You never get sick unless I'm gone & it's so true. I'm never easy:) He had drill thurs-sunday this month. Who knows why? Just to make things more complicated for me I guess! I wake up this morning well 3 in the morning thanks to Miss Shannon! I felt like I had been ran over. TWICE! My head is pounding. My nose is running. My stomach hurts from sneezing so much & I think I am running a fever. I'd take my temperature but that would mean me getting up & finding the themometer. I'm too lazy. For some reason the bathroom seems so much more farther today. I have some cold medicine but it literally knocks me out. With me getting no sleep last night & Matt being gone today...I thought it was wise to stay somewhat alert to take care of the kids. I have ate 200 throat drops today. Don't know why it's not helping at all but for some reason I can't stop! The benadryl was literally calling my name!! Courtney.....Courtney....I can help you!!! I treat all your symptoms!!! LOL! So finally I gave in. I thought I'm miserable enough trying to stay awake might as well give it a try. I pour that nasty stuff as fast as I can & can not wait to drink down. Ok, I'll need 4 teaspoons. Guess how many I had? Go ahead guess!!! 4? Nope that would be too easy!!! I only had 2! So it didn't help anything. Just made me drowsy. Matt called me earlier to check on me & said he'd bring me some medicine home along with dinner. No way I'm cooking tonight! Well, I have either grossed you out or bored you to death by now so guess I'll take 2 steps back over to the couch. If I can LOL! Oh, I know the chair I'm in has wheels! The kids can just wheel me over right?!?!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Hope you feel better soon! Mommas are not suppose to get sick are they!