Monday, April 23, 2007

Feeling Better

I think (knock on wood) that everyone is finally starting to feel a little better! Thank goodness! Don't know how long I could have dealt with all this. It was awful. First I was sick. I mean really sick! Then, Shannon got it. She had it a couple days. Ty was next. He had it a day. Next Matt got it & has had it for what seems like forever! Alli has had it the last couple days but luckily not bad. The weather has been beautiful & I'm so ready for everyone to be well & get out to enjoy the weather. With my Grandma's help I'm going to start working on planting some flowers this week. I'm so excited! We have a flower bed out front that I think will look so pretty once we are done. If everything works out we may have a pool this weekend. Nothing big just a few feet but I don't care. I just love being in water LOL! We have to make sure we have enough flat area. Our whole yard is a hill but I think we found a good spot. The 25th is our wedding Anniversary! I think Matt's mom is coming to babysit this weekend so Matt & I might go stay somewhere for the night. That will be so nice to have a little break & some quality time together. Although we are together ALL the time with 3 kids it's like we are strangers at times. All mommy's know what I mean by that. Right?!?! Well, better go get started on my day. Cleaning as usual:) I'm hoping to get the kids rooms cleaned & some old stuff thrown out. That is if I can sneak it out! Have a great week!


Charla said...

I'm so glad everyone is feeling better Court! I know exactly what you mean about you and Matt sometimes feeling like strangers. You get so busy and caught up deeling with day to day life that you don't get much time together to just reconnect! I really hope it works out for you guys to get away atleast for one night. You both deserve a break for yourselves! Have fun planting your flowers, I'm sure it'll look great! I can't wait to get in our house and get to work on ours! :) Talk to later chic! I love ya girl!


Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary (early)! I hope that you're able to get the night together alone. Have a great week!