Saturday, March 03, 2007

Back To Drill

Today Matt's unit went back to drill for the first time. Tomorrow is their awards ceremony. He was really excited to go back & see everyone he hasn't seen since they got home. Alot of the guys are from different units so this may be the last time Matt sees them. His roomate in Iraq is probably coming home with him this evening so that's good because he lives a few hours away & will be returning to his old unit. Matt & him have become good friends so I'm glad they will have some time together. I have so much to do today! I want to finish the living room. I have only have to put up one more wall of border & that's it! Thank goodness:) On drill days you never know who Matt will bring home so I'm trying to be prepared LOL! OH, Matt's interview went really well!!! He goes back for another interview on monday but it looks very promising!!! This job seems great & I'm praying he gets it! I'll let ya know more monday! Well, I better get my day going. Have a great weekend!


Glo said...

Hope Matt has a good Drill and gets to see alot of his buddies.Hope he doesn't deside to bring them all home.......Oh well maybe they could help you finish the living room.ha ha hee hee

Michelle said...

I hope the second interview goes well. I'll be praying it does. I hope you enjoy the company!

Sandra said...

Hope Matt has a good drill.

You do such a great job on the house, it must look wonderful :)

Sorry I haven't been by much at all, it's been really crazy here, then I had no computer, then no internet, it's just one thing after another.

Hope he gets the job :)


BTW, loved that you think of me when you see a Krispi Kreme LOL

Charla said...

Hey girl, I will definately keep my fingers crossed for Matt! :) Hope the living room is coming together great for ya, I can't wait to see it. I love the Americana stuff too! Hope the guys have a good drill today too. Tell the kids Aunt Charla says hi!! :) Love ya bunches chickee!!!