Monday, January 08, 2007

Well I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Matt & I spent the whole weekend cleaning. Fun huh? It wasn't to bad actually. Yesterday Matt's mom came down & got the kids so we could shampoo the carpets. But, first we had to make a Walmart trip because someone who will remain nameless (**cough,cough** my husband!!!) broke my sweeper!!! I still say it was on purpose he always hated that one lol!! J/K. So while we were out we went & ate lunch together (alone:) at Applebees. Even though we were cleaning we still had a nice day together. I did miss the kids though & was more than ready to go get them. You know how us mommy's are. We say we need a break but as soon as the kids go you miss them! Well, Matt goes back to school today. He'll be taking evening classes so will still be here all day with us so that worked out nice. We'll still have dinner all together but then I'll (hopefully) be able to get the kids back on routine with bedtime!! Since Matt's been home thats one thing that has totally been thrown off track. Well I better go it's 5 about 5:30am & Shannon finally went back to sleep. (She's been getting up at 4:30 or 5 for some crazy reason) So I'm gonna get me some coffee & watch the oh so exciting news here in Ky lol! Have a great day & I'll be back tomorrow.


Michelle said...

That's good that you were able to spend the day together, even if it was cleaning. We didn't do anything yesterday and didn't even leave the house, it was so nice! I think it's the first weekend we stayed home since he got back. Have a great week!

kbug said...

How nice to be back to some sort of routine...but equally as nice to have Matt home messing it up...... lol. Our house hasn't been the same since all the boys came home for Christmas, what with the puppy and Seth and Katie's stuff still here and I can't wait to get back to some sort of normalcy......but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I'll always take the chaos and disorder and dirty dishes and clothes everywhere that goes along with having the boys home...... :)

F said...

I am back. Visit me at It's Just Faith.

It is awesome to realize that faith should bring us together but, that sometimes it pulls us apart. COUGH COUGH IRAQ Thank you God, our men are home.