Thursday, December 28, 2006

The movie was great! If you get a chance you have to go see it. I am still getting chills thinking about it. I really think the movie did the story justice & I'm so proud to be apart of the Marshall "community". I don't have much time I'm busy still cleaning from Christmas & Matt got me some new stuff for the living room. My living room is done in americana & I'm thinking of doing some painting & etc.... Also Charla wanted everyone to know her,Steve & the kids are doing great. She will have her computer up soon & can't wait to get back to blogging & sharing pics of her new house!
Talk to everyone soon!!!!



Michelle said...

Happy New Year!

Shionge said...

Happy Blessed New Year 2007 to you & Matt.

Glo said...

Glad to see you had a wonderful Christmas. We had a great one too.Wasn't it fun having the Guys here this year. We've had so much going on I don't think I'll ever get rested up.It's that old age thing.Love to all.(((HUGS))) :-)

Sandra said...


I haven't been by in forever, life sort of creeped up on me and knocked me on my behind. LOL

I'm glad the holidays are finally ending so I can get back to normal blogging, I've missed visiting you :)

Just wanted to run in and wish you, Matt and the beautiful kiddos a blessed and wonderful New Year.
Hope you get everything you've ever wished for.

Love ya girl,