Wednesday, September 06, 2006

am I almost there?

Good mornin!!
So yea I have been up since 5am. I have been going to bed early & getting up early to attempt to get some things done. It's been going well...knock on wood:) I got an email from our FRG president about our meeting on sunday. In it she said that she would possibly have a date for us!!! I am so excited. We have went all this time having no real idea when our guys would be home. We hear rumors & some of them lately are pretty definate. We know it's close due to some of the things the guys are doing but still not a "real" date. Of course, I know it's Army so nothing is ever definate. BUT we are going to be planning for the homecoming at this meeting. It really makes it seem so real. I just can't believe that it's only weeks away & he will finally be home! Soon there will be no more lonely nights. No more waking up alone. No more waiting by the phone. No more nervous nights wondering if he's ok. Oh, & no more taking out the trash. Hooray!!!!!


The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

Oh I can't begin to imagine what you go through while waiting! I'm so happy it's almost over and he'll be home safe soon!!!

Angie said...

AWW how long has he been gone for?... thanks for the comments on my page... me and courtney are really good friends I met her a year ago at work shes an awesome person reallY!

have a good day!

Michelle said...

I hope you get a date, even if it can't be set in stone! I can't wait for our meeting, but it's still a couple weeks away. I'm proud of you Courtney! Keep your head up, we're almost there.

Monica said...

Hope you get a good idea of your time frame Sunday. We had our second and last homecoming meeting tonight. Three hours long! I still do not have a date... but I know it is soon. It is so close I can't wait! Have great weekend!

Sandra said...

I'm so happy for you Court, it's been so long and now it's almost over. Remember I told you, these last few weeks will fly by, you want to get everything ready for them and then BAM they're there :)

And Hey, getting up at 5 am?!?!?! I'm proud of you LOL

Hope you're having a wonderful day, I'm having problems commenting on your blog so hopefully this time it goes through.

Love ya girl,