Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Kitchen

Well after cleaning up from dinner this evening I thought it was a good chance to take some pics of my kitchen. So here ya go...

As you can see I hadn't put away the dishes yet. LOL!

Doors to my messy laundry room. Thank good ness it has a door:)

Here's the door to the deck.

Here's a pic that I just had to share. Shannon normally goes to bed at 8pm sharp but tonight sh was just so full of herself! She was laughing,singing,anything to stay awake but Alli fell asleep watching her movie. Well, Shannon tried & tried to wake her up but after about a half hour she thought she'd just lay down with big sis! Too cute:)


Michelle said...

Oh, I love that kitchen. It's so nice. The picture of your girls is just so adorable!

Shionge said...

Hmmm....when can I drop by and cook for you :D

Christina said...

You're lucky you have a nice big kitchen. I have one the size of a matchbox. I really like the flooring also.
Your kids are adorable. Don't you just love it when you catch a picture like this one?

Mystik said...

Awww....your house looks gorgeous, Court! I love it!

Sandra said...

I LOVE the kitchen, it's beautiful :)
We live in base housing so our kitchens suck LOL

The kids are just adorable, how sweet :)

Glo said...

I really like your kitchen. Now we know who's house we'll be at when we all meet. YOURS. The Kids are just to cute. You did good kid.
Love Ya,

Charla said...

Hey girl, the kitchen looks great! OMG that pic is so cute of the girls! :)

Love ya,

michelle said...

Hey I love the new kitchen... I am so glad that you got to move somewhere that has a laundry room!!!!!