Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Is It Me????

Is it me or do more dishes appear in your sink overnight? Is it me or does your floor always need mopped? Is it me or does the laundry ever really get "finished"? See where I'm going with this? Ok, I have spent the last few days cleaning & organizing basically everything in sight. I started a menu for each week. Hoping it will help with some of the crazyness around here. I started this a few days ago & stuck to it. It really seems to be helping. Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays this way:) I need to work on getting more organized with everything including life. I need to get on a budget. I have a bad habit of not really spending alot but doing silly little things. Like, forgetting things I really need from the store when I go so there's another trip to the store. Even though I make a list going to the store with kids well, you tend to forget something every time! With Matt coming home soon (sort of) I feel the need to make everything run very smoothly around here. Alot has changed since he left. Shannon! He left before she was born & although he hears all about her. He has no idea what a handful she really is. Oh, is he in for it! LoL!
Not really sure if any of that really made sense because my mind this morning is going in 100 different directions but I better go the washer just went off so more of that to do. Shannon just somehow got her sippy cup opened so juice is everywhere! Yep, it's gonna be another "one of those days"!


Michelle said...

I definitely have to agree with you. It always seems like the housework is never finished. No matter how hard you work at getting it done. Hopefully your list will help and since you're staying busy maybe it will help time go by a little quicker.

Glo said...

It will be OK sweetie. You know the old saying about it get worse before it gets better.......Well it's been happening to me too. I don't know who comes in and eats in the middle of the night..but it seems like their is always dishes. I'm also dropping things,can seem to hold on to anything. Memory what's that, I don't have one any more. Was going to the store the other day,yep you guessed it drove right past it. Seems to get worst the closer they get to home.
I hope Shannan ok. was everything ok last night after I got of the phone with you?

Sandra said...

It's the usual daily life of being a mom Court. Nothing ever really gets done, I used to be the same way, then I decided to snap myself into shape.

I have always done the menus, but wasn't that great with budget. Since then I've gotten on a budget, one I actually found online, if you want I can email you the template for it....

Just stick with what you're doing and remember don't try to have everything perfect. It's not going to happen when you have kids. I've just gotten used to the idea that my house is never going to be up to Martha Stewart's standards, but then again she's not a SAHM, with a husband in the military and little ones to chase after.....balances it out doesn't it? LOL

Love ya girl,

kbug said...

hahaha....I remember days like that. What am I talking about, I still have days like that. The only difference is that the "kids" who spill things on my floor nowadays are just bigger than