Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hair Cut Yet Again

Yep I got another hair cut! Do u like???
Well, I like it before but I hate layers & I had alot of them. It was making my hair very wavy & with 3 kids it was getting way too hard to straighten everyday. I was putting back in the pony tail everyday & thats what I was trying to get away from. I love it. It' so easy to fix. Which makes life alot easier! My dad had kept the kids while I went & when I got home he was talking to Matt online. So I was able to turn the webcam on so he could see it too! He loved it
It feels so good. I actually felt pretty today. Of course the pic here isn't great. I hadn't really done anything with it but you can see a little of my!
I have so much to do tomorrow so I'm gonna post a list so maybe it will help. (hey works for Sandra :)
I need to head to bed because I have to wake up early to get this stuff done. Our family is having a little get together tomorrow night & I WILL leave this house clean!

  1. Mop kitchen floor
  2. Clean bathroom & mop floor in there also
  3. Wash & dry towels
  4. Put away lots of laundry
  5. Get our room DONE! (everything put away)
  6. Put the kids laundry away
  7. Get the kids bathed & ready for party (Thats an all day job in it's self!)

So wish me luck & hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!

I love you Matt. It's not long & you'll be HOME


Charla said...

Hey girl! I LOOOOOVE your hair! It's so cute! Oh my gosh girl, your kitchen is huge! It looks great from what I could see. Good luck with the to-do list tomorrow! :) Have fun at the cook-out! :)

Love ya,

Michelle said...

Your hair is so cute! I love it. Have a good time with your family!

Glo said...

I love your new look....and your kitchen....Hope you have a good time with your family.

Love Ya girl,

Sandra said...

You are just way too cute, and that hairstyle fits you perfectly :)

I'm LOVING the kitchen, from what I can see in the background, you'll have to post pics now :)

Love ya,

Christina said...

You look great. I still wear the same ponytail I have been wearing for years. I call it the mommy look, but now that I've seen you I may just get up the nerve to try something new.

Shionge said...

Yo Courtney, you are so brave. I've cut mine too - layered and I might just want to curl it soon.