Sunday, July 23, 2006


Thank God for technology! Computer I never realized how much my computer meant to me until tonight. As you may have read on Charla's blog Yahoo messanger was down. Well when this happened I freaked! I thought how in the world would I ever communicate with Matt??? He is able (Thank God) to call often but it's hard for him sometimes & we have a routine of us talking on the computer every morning. I need that. I need that bad! It's the one thing I can count on right now is to wake up & see him online. Thank goodness it's up. Shewww!

Well on another note I talked to Mystik tonight! She's such a sweetie:) (Love ya girl!) BUT, my phone went dead. Gotta love cell phones! So sorry girl didn't mean to end like that & hope we talk again soon!

It's amazing how close you get to other wives/girlfriends in similar situations. It's so funny to hear how you do the same silly things like waiting on a call & the things you have to deal with during these deployments. It has really helped me alot! More than you could ever know. So to everyone who's been there for me through this. Big no HUGE thank you's go out to each & every one of you! I love you all with all my heart.

Well it's way past my bedtime. I know now that I can hear from my favorite soldier when I wake up (oh so early) & now I can rest peacefully. Take care & hope you all are havbing a great weekend!

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Glo said...

Glad you Yahoo is back up.Our's is up today,but may be down tomorrow. Hope not....Isn't it funny how we're afraid to leave the house,because they might call or be on line....We'll make it,I know we will. After all we are
W-O-M-A-N right girls......HOOAH
Love and God bless,

Michelle said...

I know I've put off many things because I was afraid of missing Eric. It's been a blessing to find other wives on here that are going through the same things I am. Thank you for helping me through times when I've been really down. I appreciate it so very much.

Mystik said...

It was a lot of fun talking to you last night. I hate that your phone died though, cuz it started storming like crazy and I was scared silly! lol. It was so cool that you understood where I was coming from with the weirdo SIL. :oP Thanks for listening to me and just remember that I'm always here for you too. Love you lots!!

Charla said...

Yep girl, it's the truth! I sit here all day long just because he might call me! LOL I stay logged online almost all day just cause he might be on too! As you know I have dial-up service, so my family gets so annoyed that I don't answer my phone all day cause I'm logged on to yahoo! LOL I know, you and Glo get annoyed by it too! LOL Love ya,

APE said...

I remember answering every phone call that came through. I hated telemarkers durning that time. It's crazy how friendships can be made with people you haven't met and bonds that can be formed by having one thing in common. I swear we should all meet up one day. We'd drive it other crazy in a good way. One day I keep telling myself I'll meet up with some of the other mil. wives so we can all bitch together and we will know what each other is talking about.

Until that day

Monica said...

No yahoo was horrible here too. We also use msn as a back up. Then there is always skype... he can call home using his pc. Cheap rates... oh well something to check out. I also put things off when I am waiting on Brad. especially if he hasn't called or got online when he thought he would be able to. Almost done...Have a great day!