Thursday, July 20, 2006

God Really Does Answer Prayers

Yesterday was such a hard day. Everything in life had finally taken it's toll on me. See I have been dealing with so many (too many to mention) problems in the house we are in & couldn't find anything else. Yesterday I had 3 full baskets of laundry I had to get done & no washer! Yep 3 kids no washer! Crazy huh??? Our washer hookup is in our garage & our landlord has never cleaned it out for us to get to. So the last 10 months without Matt here have been torture every which way. Last night I had it. I didn't know which way to turn the problems kept coming day after day. So last night I prayed. I said "Please Lord help me. I have no idea where to go from here. Please lead to me to the right direction before I really just lose it" and this morning while talking to Matt on the computer. Complaining about the house & crying yet again. My dad came over to mow our yard. Well I had noticed the other day my neighbor moving but didn't think anything else about it. All the sudden my dad yells for me & said someone wanted to talk to me. It was the man who owned the hose next door:) He asked if I wanted to take a look. YES! I did & loved it. Needless to say I'll be moving in my stuff by the 1st! It is so pretty & I'll have alot more room. Big plus...washer & dryer hookup. So I'm shopping for a washer ASAP! I can actually say that God DOES answer prayers. This is such a blessing to us.


Charla said...

YAAAAAYYYYY!!!! :) I'm so excited for ya girl! I'm gonna try my best to get a babysitter so I can come help you move your stuff, and so we can go out for your B-Day! I mentioned it to Michelle and suggested she come with me so we can all go out! Maybe if you ask her she will! LOL :) Talk to ya later!

Love ya,

Michelle said...

Oh, that is so wonderful! I am super excited for you! God is good.

APE said...

YAAAYY!! When I read your blog it take me back to all the emotions I had and feelings I felt. It's like I'm right there all over again. Gilr keep your head up. I know it sucks and sometimes you just want to throw in the towel. I would always feel guilty about my feelings, because the hubby was doing something way more than I was I there was no way I could compare what I was going through to what he and others were going through. I think people however forget how much we do actually go through and give up just so they can do their job and not have to worry about what is going on back home. I know that was the last I wanted mine to worry about. Stay strong and it's ok to break down. We are only human. Keep up the great work. Wish I could be there to help, I would be there in a heartbeat. Then my crazies could get together with your crazies and really us crazy.


Glo said...

Oh I'm sooooooo HAPPY for you....I always told you prayer works. Put God first in your life and you will go far.Prayer and God has always been the biggest part of mine and Mike's life.....Good Job Girl.....See I told you your doing a good Job...Proud of you.
Love Ya,Glo

Courtney said...

Oh how great. That is awesome. Good luck with the move. God really is looking out for you and although sometimes you feel like you are all alone, He is always there to help. Just remember to have faith and all things happen for a reason. Stay strong girlie.

michelle said...

Girl God is good!!! he always has an answer when one is needed. The sad thing is I usually wait until I have tried everything else before I fall on my face and ask HIM for the answer!!

Charla did tell me about coming down there and I will see if I can make it happen. Hopefully, no offense, I will be working and can't make it!! Love you

Just Another Army Wife said...

Oh thats wonderful news! Congrats on the house!

Mystik said...

WOOOOHOOOO!!! I'm soo happy for you!! I'm so sorry that I didn't get a chance to call you. I got the email around 1 am and didn't know if you'd still be up. I will try to call you very soon. I would call you now, but i can't feel my face, so you probably couldn't understand a thing I say anyway. LOL. I will talk to you soon. Take care and have fun moving!! I'll be doing it really soon too!

Love Ya!

Emily said...

Oh Court!
I'm so sorry I've been absent off your blog. There are some things I want to tell you.

1) Your new picture. Wow. God really created a beautiful woman. You are just gorgeous.

2) Way to realize it's God answering a prayer. He is rejoicing over you that you recognized that.

3) I'm so happy that you're moving. This is such good news. Although a lot of work, good news!!

4) I'm so sorry you've been having a hard time. Hang in there. Pray. Say whatever is on your mind to Him. He'll show up, I promise. If you want some encouraging Bible verses, let me know. They'll truly protect you against attacks on your heart and head. God wants to give you peace, Court. You're such a great woman, mom, wife, and friend. Blessings to you.