Thursday, July 13, 2006

Story Of My Life

Ok so it was pouring I really mean POURING the rain all day. I really needed to run to the store so I was waiting until it slacked off at least a little. Well the sun came out. Rain stopped. So I though yes perfect timing lets go! All the way to my Grandma's sunny:) All the way to Walmart sunny:) Walking in the middle of the parking lot...downpour! So here I am carrying the baby trying to hold both kids hands & running through the parking lot. Get into the store slipping & sliding. Went well the kids were actually good. So I'm checking out & notice people are now coming in dry. (Yay!!!) Look outside sunny again:) Take one step out...yep downpour!!! So I'm driving home at about 5 miles an hour because it's now raining so hard you can't even see. I'm cold, wet & cranky! Finally get home get the kids in. Go back out to carry in the groceries. Which I would have waited but almost everything I got was frozen stuff that now after the SLOW drive home needed in the freezer asap! So had to brave the rain & get it in. Well finally got the last bag in shut the dorr & you wanna know what????? Rain stops! Sun comes out & hasn't rain since! Story of my life. When it rains it pours...LITERALLY!

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Charla said...

Yep, been there done that more times than I care to remember! LOL It never rains when you're going in the store by yourself, but take the kids and it gets ya everytime! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Love ya chic,

Courtney said...

Oh man that sucks. I am sorry to hear that. But you kind of have to laugh at the coincidence of it all.

Michelle said...

I'm sorry. I couldn't help but laugh though. I hope the sun shines for the weekend!

Monica said...

How fun! I have been there before myself though. Hope you girls have a perfect weekend!

Mystik said...

LOL! That is too funny. :o)