Thursday, July 27, 2006

Almost There... Well Almost!

Well as you may have read the other day on Charla's post. We are almost there! Our guys will be home soon. Well kinda. For us as long as we have waited it's no time. To others it's forever away. I am getting so excited:) I keep dreaming of that moment we see him for the first time. What will the kids do? What will the baby do? WHAT WILL I DO????? LOL! Running ManI'm already thinking of what I'll wear & how I'll do my hair. Crazy I know but I'm sure some of you have done or are doing the same thing. I was thinking yesterday about how many weeks it was & about flipped. It's so much closer when you say it that way so from now on around here we say weeks!

MoversMy moving situation not going as planned. I can not get anything packed. I go from room to room & just put off everything! Then I'll pack the silliest things & 3 minuteds later I need it! Grrr! It sucks but I'm not complaining! It's well worth it. Believe me! I can't wait to get in there & post some pictures for ya:) Anyway, I am tonight (after the kids are in bed) & tomorrow forcing my butt to pack pack pack! Wish me luck!!! I'll need it!


Charla said...


Shionge said...

Hey :P {{Clap}} {{Clap}}..happy to hear that and can't wait to hear more too.

Yes, I hate to pack but once I get started, I realise it became fun to throw away stuff that I dun need LOL.

Have Fun Courtney!

Mystik said...

Good luck with the packing!! I'm sorta doing that. I'm just buying stuff I'll need in Japan. In October the movers are coming to pack all my stuff so I don't have to do anything but point. :o) THANK GOODNESS!!!

michelle said...

Hey girl good luck with the packing sorry I can't come and help! I really wanted to do that for you!

Michelle said...

I'm so glad that it's getting close for you and Charla! I hope that the rest of the time goes by very very quickly. I'm doing the exact opposite to you when it comes to packing. I've had stuff loaded in my Jeep since Tuesday, lol... I hope that you got some packing accomplished!