Thursday, June 22, 2006


I have to say I hate storms! Well, when Matt's gone. If he was home & it was storming well you get the picture(he he he!) Anyway...they terrify me when it storms at night. As I sit here lightning is lighting up my whole entire house. It's pouring the rain & the wind is well nuts! I'm very surprised I still have power (knock on wood) I have candle lit just in case & a flash light next to me. I can't sleep. Haven't been able to for days. I really don't see how I'm even functioning at this point. Last night it was after 3am before I fell asleep & thats been the earliest in days. Then I'm up with Shannon by 7:00am. Today was miserably hot. Almost 100 degrees & sooo muggy. I talked to my hubby twice today:) He will be getting some results back from some test they ran tomorrow so I'll keep you updated on that. Cleaned most of the day then let the kids talk me into pizza for dinner. Even though I just went to the store yesterday & spent a poop load of money but kids have their way of talkin you into just about anything! At least mine do. Especially after talking to Matt & saying so cute "daddy we want pizza" well of course he says "Court get them what they want ok!" Anyway, not much going on other than that & the storm I think is movin on:) I'm startin to yawn so maybe just maybe I can get some sleep. Hmmm....sleep. Don't know if I recall the meaning of that much anymore. Gonna try to look that up sometime real soon!Counting Sheep
Night ya'll



Michelle said...

Sorry it's storming so bad, hopefully it moves on quickly. So glad to hear you got to talk to Matt twice today! It's always so good to hear their voices. I hope you get some rest, sounds like you could really use it!

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog! You're the best.

Monica said...

I know what you mean by lack of sleep. I too am going through this. It is usually 3 or 4 am the last time I look at the clock. I think (for me anyway) it is the time difference between here and Iraq... I keep trying to stay up, hoping Brad will have time to jump online and say Hi. Then I got stuck here... If you figure out how to change it... let me know. :) Have a great weekend! Try to get some sleep.

Courtney said...

Man do we have a lot in common besides our names. It has been storming all day here too. I hate storms. I am actually scared of them. And I too haven't been able to sleep. I have actually been sleeping on the couch lately and I don't fall asleep til about 4. It sucks. Good luck. Try to sleep.

Shionge said...

Hope the storm is gone by the time you read this.

Charla said...

Hey girl, it stormed here last night too. It hit around 10:30 and stormed all friggin' night. They don't freak me out until the wind starts blowing bad, 'cause there's a lot of old trees right in front of my house and I'm afraid one's gonna fall over onto my house. Last night just happened to be one of those storms EEEEEK!!!! Hope they stay away for a while.
Love ya,