Friday, June 23, 2006

Blahhhh!!! Blahhhh! Blahhhh!

VomitFor the last couple days I have felt a little sick like I was about to get something but not just yet. Well, today Blahhhhh!!!! I feel weak,headache,body aches,stomach aches......bad just bad! Tonight I'm feeling a little better so hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back to normal. Well as normal as I get....LoL! I actually got some sleep last night but I think it was due to me being sick but maybe it will get my body back to a "normal" sleep pattern. (finger crossed) I only woke up one time around 3am because of thunder (grrrrr) other than that I actually got a full 8 hours in! Let me pause for a moment while I do my happy danceDancing.........Ok bad idea. Don't dance while your stomach is rumbling. Well thats about it for me tonight. Gonna go take some medicine & watch a couple dvd's. Fever Pitch with Drew Berrymore & In her Shoes with Cameron Diaz. Been wanting to see both forever. I'll tell ya how they were tomorrow K!
Nighty Night ya'll!Recliner



Michelle said...

I hope you get to feeling better. I'll keep you in my prayers. Have a good night.

Charla said...

Hey Court, I hope you feel better tomorrow hun! You know how to reach me if ya wanna talk! I love ya girl!


Michelle said...

Sorry you're not feeling so well...hope you feel better soon!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - and sorry it took me so long to come check out yours - thought I had bookmarked it and then couldn't find it!

Shionge said...

Hee...yup, take a break and chill out. Relax and stress-free..ya ya.....take care and speedy recovery.

Debby said...

i felt awful all day yesterday too, but am feeling better today...came over from Shionges blog, hope you dont mind the comments.I have a friend Vanessa linked on my blog, her husband is also away at war and she just had a baby on the 23rd...might want to drop by for a friendly word or two from someone that is going through thesame thing....if you have a chance...thanks

latibug said...

I think there is something going around. I have felt the same way. Kind of like a summer cold is trying to hit, but can't make up it's mind whether or not it wants to stay.

Hope you are feeling better soon!