Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memorial Day

Every please take some time this Memorial Day weekend to remember the men & women who lost their lives fighting for this country. They lost their lives so we could have ours. Without them where would we be? I thank them all & their families who have to lost so much. My children will grow up in a beautiful free world where they can follow their every dream because of them!

Have a wonderful weekend & don't forget to remember! I know I won't!!!


The Cleveland Family

White House


Michelle said...

That's a beautiful sentiment. It's very important for us all to remember those who gave all for us.

Courtney said...

Those are beautiful pictures. we should never forget what all those fallen soldiers did for us.

The Other Courtney HAHA said...

Cute kids. AWWW SO CUTE. I love sepia tone photos. That rocks.

Emily said...

Great pictures. :) You have such beautiful kids...

kbug said...

I love those old-timey looking photos..... :)

As for remembering our fallen troops and their families...some of us will never forget.

janice said...

SOOO TRUE! It breaks my heart to know that so many daddies and mommies never got see their babies grow up. Thanks for the reminder.

(I am Canadian - and we don't have this holiday this weekend - but I am remembering and celebating along with you all in spirit!)

Cute pics btw - love the flags!

SOOOO GREAT!!! that you are joing us for Tackle It Tuesday - I will link to you. So excited to see your project - i gotta stop blog hopping and get back to work on mine!!

Sandra said...

Love the pictures Court, beautiful beautiful.

You are so right, we should never forget the fallen soldiers :)

Hope you had a great memorial day girl.

Love ya,