Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fun in the Sun!

Here's a couple pics of the kids running up & down the hill in our back yard. The past couple days have been so pretty & warm finally! I love it I am sooo ready to get out my jean shorts & tank tops yay!!! I told the kids we'd get out the pool this weekend (it's going to be in the high 80's) & they are so excited. I am too to tell ya the truth. At this point time is going by fairly fast. I shouldn't have said that now it will start creeping by again GREAT! Lol! Anyway I love summer. Cookouts,swimming,fairs I just love it! Although it does get me down a little. Seems like everytime I get happy I just always feel like somethings missing. Of course that would be Matt. I think about last summer. We had a blast cookouts all the time, Fourth of July fireworks. Now things will be so different. As I am writing this Ty is watching out the window at the little boy next door. His dad is teaching him to ride a bike. He hasn't said a word for 20 minutes he's just watching. Gosh this is hard. Ok now I completley forgot what I was going to really post about but I better go. I have a little boy with a broken heart to take care of.

Matt: Your little man is missing you tonight but I told him & he knows in a few more'll be teaching him to ride too! He can't wait! WE can't wait!



Mystik said...

Awww! Your post makes me sad! That's why I told Hubby that we are not having kids until he's out of the military. It would be so hard to raise the child each day by yourself and know that daddy is not there to share in it with you. I admire you girl. You are a strong woman.

Charla said...

Hey girl, that's so sad. Tell Ty that his daddy will be home before long and I'm sure Matt will make up for lost time then. Steve and I were just talking today about what he's going to do with Hunter when he gets home. First on his list..go buy a black lab puppy together that will be their dog! :) Hang in there, we're almost there..YAY!! Talk to ya later girl!! Love ya!