Monday, April 10, 2006


Just my luck! On top of getting everything ready for Matt's leave Allison wakes up this morning sick. She came running to me this morning saying her belly hurt. She's such a drama queen that I never know if it's the "princess" talking or Allison. So I gave the Oh I'm sorry baby & go try laying back down for a minute. Sure enough though after eating a muffin it came right back up!(ewwwww!) So I quickly made her a place in my bed with some movies hoping to keep her away from the baby (fingers crossed) She seems to be a little better though. See when she's sick she is SICK! She won't eat she won't drink she just lays there all limp but right now I hear her laughing at The Little Rascals movie LOL! She also just asked for another muffin. I of course said yes but take it slow for some reason she thought that was funny. So maybe just maybe it was a little bug that will (fingers crossed again & knocking on wood) that will pass. Please oh please just pass!!!!! Anyway I better go my mom is getting ready to come so I can run & get some 7-up , medicine she doesn't have a fever but just in case, also some lysol to soak the place LOL! Have a good day & please wish us all WELL!!


Charla said...

I sympathize for ya girl!!! I thought I was going to pull my hair out with Hunter. You'll get through it!! A few screams and tears later, and you'll be fine!! LOL I'm here for ya girl, can't do much through the computer, but I'll listen to ya vent!!! :)

Sandra said...

Aarrggghhhh Court, I'm going through exactly the same with Jasmine. Unfortunately though she was asleep on my bed and threw up all over it LOL
Nothing like changing sheets at 1:30am LOL

She seems to be a little better this afternoon, but is still running a bit of a fever and her stomach still hurts.

Keeping my fingers crossed and praying that Allison gets better soon and that NO ONE else gets it :)