Sunday, April 09, 2006

Busy Busy Busy!! Shewwww!!!

Shewww!!! I need a vacation. Please,just a little one. I'll come back.....Yea,I promise! (LOL) I don't know what happened to the time the last few days but it's missing here in this house & if anyone finds it I'm offering a reward! I have ran & ran until I drop. Shopping,cleaning,yard work,oh & more cleaning. Still today I wake up & still have a list a mile long. Yesterday I was actually so busy. I made a note for myself to make a list. Now how crazy is that?????

I got Matts birthday gifts!!! His birthday is Saturday the 15th. (tax day grrrr! poor guy) I would tell the gifts but he now has internet in his room so he just may see. I have pretty much the kids their Easter baskets done. I was planning to get real crafty & do something unique but was at Wal-mart alone & saw the ones already done up. Grabbed them as fast as my hands could! Although I still have to get Shan's basket but what do you get a 6 month old baby for Easter? I guess I'll just get her the usual bunny & little toys. You know she only has 1000 little toys.

While out shopping I ran into some really good deals! I don't know if you guys would be familiar with a store called Steve & Barry's but WOW its great. They have alot of college type clothes. Alot of cute sweats & cute shirts. Well, they were having another grand opening sale. Everything in the store was $6.98! I'm talkin sweat shirts,shirts,hats & even jeans. (which I needed bad!) Since I have got down to my prebaby jean size. I treated myself to a couple pair. Plus got the whole family some. Can't beat a deal like that! Oh, how I love my sales!!! I could have a million dollars in my hand & still go straight to the clearance stuff. Then end up spending a million & one dollars LOL!

Well I had better get. Gotta start checkin things off that list. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Sandra said...

LOL Court, you need to slow down and get some rest hon.

We would be great shopping buddies then, cause I always head for the clearance and sale racks LOL
Nothing like a pair of jeans for $6 or less....but then I tend to buy tons of them so I wonder if it wouldn't just be the same buying them at normal price? LOL

I've got stuff to do today too, guess we'll be busy together. Will keep you on my mind and maybe send some energy vibes your way LOL

Glo said...

Court, slow down girl.You've only got 5 days and your man will be home.Even if you are young,reserve some of that energy for him. He doesn't care about the house.....Just you and his kids....He only has eyes for you babe....Enjoy your time together.
Love and God bless you both...

Emily said...

Hey there -- good luck keeping your energy up! Sometimes I fall for the "more sugar = more energy" route and then I crash later, so I hope you stay in a buzz all day long and then sleep really well at night! And I LOVED the post-it on your site. Just gave me the biggest smile. Hugs to you.