Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Thanks to our Troops

I was watching a little of President Bush's speech yesterday. He had made a comment about the press. I guess maybe reporting a bit too much information & it hurting instead of helping. I totally agree & have always thought this. I mean don't get me wrong I watch the news not alot since Matt gone for obvious reasons (I'd go crazy) but I love the Today show & local news. Anyway watching the news this morning about his speech it was like reporters were defending them selves. Almost as if they are doing all this work but having no praise. Well I'm sorry but don't they realize that the only reason they are able to do what they are doing is because of "OUR MILITARY"! I mean I have watched reporters get hurt during this war & I wish that upon noone or their families. Still what about the soldiers getting hurt everyday. Why don't we hear their names or conditions. Sorry to get political but this really just set me off this morning & I'm sorry if I offend anyone forgive me please. I just want everyone from the reporters to the protesters to the woman who put me down at the store to just remember the only reason you can have the things you have,watch your tv,eat your warm meal,take your hot bath even tuck your babies in at night is because of our soldiers. Our soldiers Can't so that you can!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly - reporters have a job to do and I appreciate what they do but it seems at times that they just don't know when to stop. Getting the story (actually the ratings) becomes more important than the people or the greater good. Don't worry about offending someone. You have a right to free speech as well.
I want to thank you, your husband and all the other soldiers for the sacrifices you've made and continue to make. You are special people and I am so grateful to you all.
Mrs E

Courtney said...

Thank you vey much. I really appreciate your kind words Mrs. E