Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Grrrrr! It is Spring people! I am so ready for spring. If I am not able to get these kids out more I think we are all going to SCREAM! I was suppose to go shopping today but it's rainy,cold & now mentioning ice. Still keeping my fingers crossed though. I need a day out badly. My mom offered to come babysit. I think she saw me slowly losing it. The kids & I have went out alot lately but I need a minute for me you know. I want to get some new clothes for Matts leave. Plus theres always the Wal-mart trip for the diapers & pull-ups. Seems like I never leave this house without getting those 2 things. Do you ever want to just do things because you want to not because you have to. I know it may be awful of me but I would love a day for me with no time limit or worrying if they are crying etc.... Although I am a mommy so I will never ever stop worrying about my kids.
We got a package from Matt yesterday he sent a couple really neat souvineirs (which i think i spelled wrong oops!) & like 100 dvd's that they are tired of watching. So last night I was going to watch Dick & Jane but I fell asleep during the previews. LOL! So I guess I'll try again tonight. Well I better get moving kids are still asleep & baby going to sleep so it's a perfect opportunity to get ready in case I'm able to go and if I'm not a perfect opportunity to sneak back to bed for a bit! He He He! Have a great day everyone :o)



Mystik said...

I don't think it's wrong to want some "me time" every once in a while. I get that way too, and I don't even have children yet. lol. I think you should let your mom watch them one Saturday, so you can go have a day to yourself. Go buy yourself a new outfit or get a pedicure or something. Those are always fun! lol. I do nails, so that could be a biased statement, but I love getting them myself.

Sandra said...

I totally HEAR YOU!!! There are days that I just want to run out of the house and be alone. I love my kids to death but there's only so much before a person starts loosing it LOL

Let your mom babysit and go out and do something for yourself, go get your hair done, go shopping for some clothes and actually TAKE the time to try them on and not have to rush through the store with the kids in tow LOL
That's a biggie for me, I've learnt to just throw clothes in the shopping cart and not trying them on, boy do I miss that!!!

Go on Court, I dare you to go out on your own and have a total BLAST :) Then when you get home you will appreciate the kids EVEN more. I find that if I do that when I get back to being a mommy I have a whole renewed appreciation and not to mention patience. :)

APE said...

Yes you must use the resourses around you to get out of the house or you'll just go crazy. I like the pedi idea one of my fav choices. Go window shopping, I like to go and try on clothes just to do it. I never really buy anything but the feeling of being able to do something without hearing mommy this and mommy that. As far as the movie thing goes I can never get through whole movie, I'll go and rent a movie and my husband is always like oh I've seen it. Because that's all they do over there is watch movies. Hang in there and one day it will all be a distant memory.