Monday, March 06, 2006

Thank you "Mystik"!!

Went out to get the mail this morning & to my surprise I got a wonderful gift from my girl "mystik". She sent me Chicken soup for the military wives soul. What a sweetheart huh? Thank you so much. I look forward to curling up in bed tonight & reading it. I love those books I have a couple of them but not this one I didn't even know there was one. Alli asked if daddy sent it to me. When I told her who did she said "oh mommy she's precious" LOL. She really is. To think that someone thinks enough of me to send a gift like that really means alot to me. Thank you again! From the bottom of my heart.

Oh I must tell you the funny thing Ty did this morning. He was throwing one of his famous tantrums. So I put him in "timeout" yeah right like he's going to set for 3 minutes & be still. Anyway he was furious. He ran to the front door opened it & screamed out the door " daddy come get me MaMa bein mean to me" LOL!! Alli laughed at him & told him daddy couldn't hear him & he said "my Da Da get me him know mommy mean" He is so crazy. It keeps a smile on my face though. Have a great day everyone!


Sandra said...

I'm so glad Mystik sent you that book, it's an awesome one to read :)

Your kids sound like a hoot, it's times like those that make the hard parts easier huh?

Hope you're going to get some good reading time tonight. Enjoy :)

Mystik said...

I'm glad that it got to you okay. A few of those stories are tear jerkers so brace yourself!! lol. I hope you enjoy it!

Jenny said...

LOL!! Kids you got to love 'em.

Jenny said...

Oh and that was really thoughtful of Mystik. She's a real sweetie.