Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Attention Walmart Shopper: Catfight In Aisle 7

Do I have a story for you! Kids & I went to Walmart yesterday. (kids very good I might add) Alli has been woking on tieing shoes well her shoe needed tied & you might know Miss Independent would have to try it herself. So I let her because we were completely out of everyones way. Well a lady came up behind us & stood behind Alli waiting for her to move. I was alittle confused because she could have easily walked around us. She very rudely told Alli excuse me. Alli working hard on this didn't hear her so she said it a few more times then tapped her shoulder & said EXCUSE ME! Now this is a 5 year old child. Anyway, I let it go & continued shopping. Later I ran into the lady again & thought oh great this lady does not want to mess with me today. Well the kids were actually being angels for once. ( i see you grabbing at your heart but it's true) Ty asked me to put him in buggy so I quickly picked him up & did so. Meanwhile Shanna was just singing her little heart out. She does this constantly especially when fighting sleep which she was. A lady came up & started talking to her & laughing. Ok so the "rude" lady comes up in front of us so I quickly moves so she could pass. Then here's when the poop hit the roof....... She looked at the lady talking to the baby & said this is why I leave my kids with my husband when I shop. OHHHHHH I went off I followed her to next aisle I could just feel the blood rushing to my head. I was about to blow! I got her attention then asked: mam just what does your husband do? Her reply: he is a co owner of a portrait studio. Well my reply then: well mine is fighting in Iraq so that your wonderful husband can stay at home with your kids while you shop & I walked off I turned around & she was still sitting there just staring at me. So I said loudly "thats all I wanted to say" Well by this time I felt great I got my frustration out & got my good point across. But looking at the kids they were shocked mommy had never done this before. They were quiet as mouses. We got to the car & I asked are you mad at mommy for doing that if so I am sorry. Alli said No you go mommy!!!! Anyway the lesson learned hopefully by this story is you never know what others are going through. Don't judge a book by its cover. You never know when the pages inside are filled with tears, goodbye's & I miss my daddy's.


Sandra said...

Good for you Courtney. I'm glad you told her off. Some people are so rude and it's just uncalled for, glad you put her in her place LOL

APE said...

Oh the trips to the store are always so much fun. I know people were saying stuff about me behind my back when I would go, with all three kids in tow. My kids have their good days and bad days @ the store. Next time tell her when my husband does get back trust I will be coming alone. LOL