Sunday, March 26, 2006

Standing By Our Men!

I wanted everyone to meet my new friend Charla She started her blog last night & honestly I can't believe we have never met. See her boyfriend is in Matt's unit (1257th National Guard in Huntington WV) & they work together everyday. We met at a web site set up for the place our boys are at which she has a link on her blog. Not only is our men together but her adorable baby Hunter & our Shannon are the same age. Shannon born Sept.26th & I believe Hunter Sept.29th. So I thought that was neat. I actually saw her & little Hunter (well little then not so little now he's a chunky monkey just like Shana LOL) when the guys finishe training in Indiana & came home for a couple days before actually going to Iraq. Although we didn't get a chance to speak there was alot excitement & knowing we only had a couple days we got our man & LEFT!! I am so glad I found her though she is so sweet & understands exactly whats going on in my life because it's going on in hers to. So everyone stop by her new blog!!!



Charla said...

Thank you sweetie!!

APE said...

yeah!!!!!!! I'll add her to my blog roll

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