Saturday, March 25, 2006

Feeling Better

Feeling better today well tonight. Earlier I was still down but tonight my spirits....way up! My friends have decided to throw me a bridal shower!! I am soooo excited. Since we already live together (lol) & been together for 7 years. We are having a gag gift shower. You know fun stuff! Stuff perfect for a couple who hasn't seen each other in 6 months! LOL! I am so excited about all this. One main reason, I never thought we would ever get married. Not that we didn't have a good relationship but it just never really happened and it took him long enough huh? 7 years & 3 kids yep we have done things a little backwards. Honestly I don't care we get along better & are happier than alot of "married" couples I know. Still, I'm a girl so I want to be married & in a few short weeks I finally will be. Something I have waited 7 long years for! Anyway, just wanted to tell about the shower & got a little off track. Anyway......... after being the bridesmaid I think 5 times I'm finally THE BRIDE!!!!!!