Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday (BLAH)

Well as you know by now ever since Matt left I HATE weekends. Don't know why???? It's silly but true. Although today should keep me pretty busy. I have started my spring cleaning. (I have! Shut up) I also have plumbers coming today. To work on some problems under my house. So I also have to run to Lowes for that. Today with my cleaning I plan to go through kids room & trash some unneeded junk. (If I can hide it) Tomorrow I plan on getting some wallpaper for bathroom! So excited about that. Of course I need to run through the house & do a quick pick up & sweep. You know the ones you do right before someone comes over. (Don't pretend you don't know) Oh how can I forget. I'm also working on Matt's B-Day party! He will get here a couple days after his birthday & is pretty bummed about it. He put in for leave during Easter & his birthday. (thats army for ya) I'm trying hard to plan some surprises. (praying he doesn't read this) Not alot of people though just his friends because I want him to relax & have a good time. He deserves it! Anyway I'm catching myself rambling. So gotta get my day going! Have a great weekend ALL!


Sandra said...

Woot Spring Cleaning. LOL
I started mine yesterday, did my whole kitchen and living room, so that part is done. Now I have kids rooms to look forward to.
I know what you mean about hiding the stuff because for some reason everything I pick up I get the "that's my favorite" LOL

Have a great weekend :)