Sunday, March 12, 2006

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

Well I think my house is fixed. (knock on wood & keep your fingers crossed) I Feel like a huge no gigantic weight off of my shoulders. I didn't get much cleaning done yesterday from all the running I had to do. So it's still waiting for me today. Oh my sweetie called yesterday & told me that he was going to a concert today! He was so excited even though it was country. (he doesn't listen to country much unless I take over the radio he he he). Montgomery Gentry (spelled wrong sorry) was putting a concert on where he is at. I love them so much one of my favorites. So he was going to the BX to get me their cd & then having them sign it for me!!! Always thinking of me that boy. LOL! It helps me out today knowing he gets to have a little fun. They deserve it all of them! I think around 35 days & I'll be seeing his face!!!!! YAY!!!!! Omg, I can not wait.
Well better get cleaning I am actually in the mood for it & that NEVER happens better take advantage of it!!!!
Have a great Sunday!!!! :o)