Thursday, March 23, 2006


I actually got out of the house for a minute alone!!!! Yes you heard right. So I got my friend Jill from work & we headed for Wal-mart but not before havin some fun with camera! These are my best friends Jill & Jamie they are actually sisters but we call each other sisters. The first pic is me aka"girlfriend" & Jill aka"suga". The second is CRAZY me caught of guard doing my 80's jazz hands! The third is all 3 of us (girlfriend,sista & suga) cheesin it up! We had a blast takin picture after picture. Then headed for Wal-mart where we got matching I love the 80's t-shirts. Which just absolutley made our day. See we LOVE the 80's. We all 3 listen to our local radio station everyday at noon for the 80's Time Warp Lunch Hour. Then call each other & talk about the songs. I know it may seem like we have no life & hey it's true but it doesn't stop us from dancin to Vanilla Ice & laughin till we pee our pants!


Sister said...

Hey Girlfriend! That is soooooo cute! We did have fun doing that.

Suga said...

Yes Girlfriend we had a blast. We even had a blast at wal-mart too. It don't take much to ammuse us espically when we don't get out that much. I hope that we can get together someday and do it again.
Love ya

Sandra said...

LOL Courtney I LOVE the 80's. I still make fun of my husband for trying to act like Vanilla Ice.

So glad you got out of the house, you definitely needed that :)

Have a great day :)

Mystik said...'re such a cutie pie! I'm glad you got to go out. I can tell you really had a ball. You should do that once a week or every two weeks. It really helps to ease the sadness when you can goof off and act like a fool with some girlfriends. Well, I'll talk to you later...girlfriend!
Love Ya!