Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Beat up by a......baby?????

Beat up by my baby????? Yes only me! I was playing in the floor with Shannon yesterday evening. See she is now sitting up on her own. (My goal before Matt came home Yay!!!) She is till of course shaky at it but we were in the floor playing & working on it. Well anyway, she was grabbing my face & I would act like I was screaming. You know mommy being silly stuff. She loved it she'd laugh & get so excited. Well this went on for about a half hour when it became tiring but Shannon aka "THE BOSS" didn't want to stop just yet. I stopped & started showing her some other toys & singing to her hoping she would eventually let me get up to finish some house work. When all the sudden she got furious she grabbed at my face & let out a huge grunt. Now don't laugh!!!! She grabbed my nose then pulled & clawed as hard as her baby hands could claw. (let me tell ya she is strong!) I laughed at first then looked down & noticed I was covered in blood. I yelled for Alli to come set with her. Of course Alli being the "princess" she is she about passed out. Now not only was my nose pouring the blood but Alli just had to have a cold rag for her head to keep her from going unconsious. It was absolutely hillarious & so very painful all at the same time. Shannon crying,me bleeding to death ,Alli "near death" because of the sight of blood & Ty running around screaming "call daddy mommy hurt mommy hurt"! After about an hour yes an hour it finally stopped bleeding. I looked at Shannon & she just laughed almost as if she was reminding me you don't call me the boss for nothin & we'll stop playing when I say!!!
Oh quick note: Happy belated Birthday to my Favorite Aunt Tana!!!! P.S. & little inside joke.....Tana we are your family. We won't hurt you!


Sandra said...

LOL man I've had those days. When Jasmine was 2 she whacked me on the head with the phone. I thought I was going to be physically ill.

Amazing how strong these kids are LOL

Glad you are all ok now, I would suggest keeping your face at a safe distance from her hands LOL

Charla said...

I'm so sorry, I can't quit laughing!!! LOL I only laugh because my kids have given me a few pops in the face too! Ali sounds so much like Savannah, little prissy butt!!! Talk to ya soon!

Mystik said...

Lol. Hope your nose feels better.