Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stay in pajamas day!

Today is a great day to stay in your P.J'S & watch movies on the couch. If only I could. It Snowed & last night & it's still coming down. I love the snow. I hate cold but love snow. Makes no sense I know but you know what I mean. Went out to get the mail this morning & about fell on my rear 4 times. The kids watching from the window thought it was just awesome. They love when mommy makes a fool out of herself which they see alot. The dreaded V-Day is coming up.(BLAH) Anyway I had plans to go out to eat with another wife from Matt's unit but her hubby will be here. So poop on her right! No just kidding I am very happy for her. We all miss our men while their gone & we all deserve to be happy when they are here. Can't wait for my day though. It will come soon. Until then I wait & wait & wait & you guessed it wait. In between there I change alot of diapers give alot of bottles say alot of no's, stop that & alot of I love you's. More importantly alot of prayers that my family will soon be whole again. ~Court~


APE said...

Hang in there. I have three kids 2,3 and 5. I made it!! and there were days it seemed like it would never come to an end, and here I am a year later and it doesn't even seem like he left at all. It takes forever to get to that day and when it comes you look back and say wow it didn't seem that long. If you need someone to talk to I'm always here. I'm a stay at home mom also.


Courtney said...

Thank you so much. I really appreciate that!